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At GU, waterjet cutting is used to cut a wide variety of materials including ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre and granite. Water cutting is a process of accelerated erosion. An abrasive (our chosen media is garnet) is added to a very high pressure water jet stream and is accelerated to over 2,200 mph to produce a clean and efficient cut on all materials.

In many water jet applications Garnet is seen as a disposable commodity. Once used it is extracted from the bed and shipped to landfill as waste - a time consuming, costly and not particularly environmentally friendly solution. GU alone can use up to 75 tonnes of garnet per month.

The purchase of an Abrasive Recycling Machine in June 2015 allows GUto efficiently recycle spent garnet, substantially reducing waste, time,costs and most importantly our environmental impact. The machine removes, washes and dries the used garnet within a matter of minutes, simultaneously separating it into waste product and reusable abrasive. This machine transforms the abrasive from a consumable product to a recyclable product, which will not only reduce GU’s waterjet costs and waste by 60% but will also effectively increase their workflow.